Oh No, Kaiju!

Here’s a little shout out to one of my favorite artists to take on Godzilla for IDW; Zach Howard’s rendition of Godzilla is one of my personal favorite takes on the character. The large and expressive eyes and the more robust head are refreshing changes from the usually angular and “sharp” Millennium styled Godzilla’s that have been gracing IDW’s covers. 

In particular, I love his piece of Godzilla underwater. Frankly, I’m tired of images of Godzila grimacing and poised for battle. It’s great seeing Godzilla not in the heat of battle or carnage and to just see him exploring his natural environment. 

Hope to see him get an interiors gig on Godzilla sometime, although his DeviantART page informs that he has left doing covers for other projects. His work will be missed, but Oh No! Kaiju wishes him luck!

Checkout his DeviantART page;

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